August 8 – Art Day

Posted on August 8, 2014

Photo from Web Neel
According to the official Art Day website, the second Friday in August each year is Art Day, a holiday for the arts. 

Remember, “the arts” means more than just paint on a canvas. 

The arts include theater, music, poetry, dance, sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, literature...

...and all sorts of other pursuits such as creating beautiful objects out of glass and weaving tapestries and hammering out a glorious, well-balanced sword.

Art Jewelry by the Koschetzkis
Art Day is the perfect time to celebrate creativity by making art, trying out a new art form, going to a performance or gallery or museum and enjoying someone else's art, and even giving art to one another in the form of cards, poems, and songs.

If you want to celebrate the art of photography by entering a competition, you have a few hours left – Artists for a Better World are accepting up to three photos in digital form per person, up until 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time today. Check the link above for more details – like the theme and the email address!

Fashion by Yegor Zaitsev
You could also check out my “Art I Like” Pinterest board, and you could enjoy learning drawing techniques and trying out cool art projects found on my “Art - How To” board. 

Art pottery bowl by  Susan Hirschmann

Architecture by Gaudi

Glass Art by David Salvadore

Architectural weaving -
nArchitects + SCAD -
"Windscape" in Lacoste, France
Old wood printing blocks
from India

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