March 22 – International Day of the Seal

Posted on March 22, 2014

In 1982 the U.S. Congress set aside the day to consider the plight of seals worldwide. But only some species are endangered.

The gray seal, for example, has been increasing in population each year. However, several species of monk seal are endangered. The usual suspects that cause species' populations to drop include human hunting of seals for meat, blubber and fur; pollution; being caught in fishing nets; and habitat or food supply destruction. In the Mediterranean monk seals' case, they faced several of these human-caused dangers, but the biggest factor right now is that a deadly virus wiped out about two thirds of these creatures!
This is the endangered Hawaiian monk seal.

Watch seal videos!
  • Do you know about the red balloon-like “hood” of the hooded seal? You HAVE to check this out!
  • This is even crazier! A photographer tells how an enormous predatory seal tried to force-feed him penguins!

Learn more about seals.

  • Check out the Seal Sitters' Kid Stuff—about harbor seals.
  • Ranger Rick and his gang offer a story about Life on the Ice (for a baby harp seal). 

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