July 25 – National Chili Dog Day

Posted on July 25, 2013

You see, way back in the middle ages, Germans started making pork sausages in Frankfurt. These frankfurters were special foods given to people to celebrate imperial coronations!

Oscar Meyer Wieners were advertised
 by adorable children singing the classic
song that spelled out the product name...
and by wienermobiles!
In nearby Vienna, Austria, which is called “Wien” in German, people copied the frankfurter with a mix of ground beef and pork. These wiener became quite popular.

Flash forward a bunch of centuries: a German immigrant to America began to sell these sorts of sausages in rolls. Voila! People could eat their sausages without plates and knives and forks—perfect for Coney Island, NYC, where the inventor of the treat sold his innovative sandwiches alongside amusement park rides.

Others invented the sausage sandwiches as well, around the same time: at the World's Fair, in the street stalls of St. Louis, and so on. Most of these stories involve German immigrants in America—so I would have to say that the common thread for all of this hot dog history is German.

But how did the sausage sandwiches get to be called hot dogs? That is a bit of a mystery, although all theories lead to the U.S. It may have been some journalist, cartoonist, vendor, or advertiser who shortened the oft-used “dachshund” (which means “little dog”) sausages to “dog.” As you can imagine, “Get your hot dogs!” is easier to call out than, “Get your hot dachshunds!”

At any rate, the typical hot dog is garnished with mustard and catsup, chopped onions and pickle relish. But not today! Today the topping of choice is chili! And maybe, just maybe, some cheese and onions on top of the chili! Yummers!

Here is a genuine recipe for Coney Dog chili sauce, from a drive-in diner back in the 1950s. 

Don't eat a lot of hot dogs!

According to Health-dot-com, even the healthiest hot dogs aren't all that healthy; they tend to be high in fat and sodium. So keep hot dogs in the “Special Treat” category, to be eaten only on special occasions. And shop carefully; apparently Applegate Farms and Trader Joe's make some relatively healthy hot dogs from beef, chicken, and turkey.

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