July 27 – National Dance Day and Walk on Stilts Day

Posted on July 27, 2013

I like to watch the dance show “So You Think You Can Dance,” and the people running that show are always talking about National Dance Day. There are all sorts of events and contests on this day—well, “all sorts” but all about dance, of course!

Some of the events are associated with an organization called Dizzy Feet Foundation; check to see if there is an event near you!

Bollywood dancing is often colorful and fun!

  • There are many videos that can help you learn to dance!

  • Watching dance is almost as fun as dancing... Here are a few of my favorite dance videos:

This is my daughter, who is
a professional dancer...
Hip hop 
Thriller”in a prison yard (with more than 1,500 dancing inmates!)

Today is also Walk on Stilts Day!

Some people have needed to walk in stilts for their daily life, because they lived in low-lying, wet terrain. This was true in the 1800s in part of France. These days, acrobats and clowns and other performers use stilts in parades, circuses, and other shows.

I tried a quick search of where you can learn to walk on stilts, and I gotta tell you, I think dancing is a little easier to try out!

Also on this date:

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