April 28, 2013 - Mother, Father Deaf Day

Many deaf parents end up having and raising hearing children. Today is the day for the children of deaf parents to honor them.

In the past, it was more difficult for deaf parents to raise their kids without help. Modern technology has not only made it easier for deaf people to enjoy a variety of things (such as closed-captioned television shows), it has also made it easier for them to raise their children. For example, deaf parents can use sensors that hear their babies' cries and alert them with lights and strong vibrations.

Of course, most deaf parents teach their children whatever sign language they use. Sign language is very easy for kids to learn to use, even earlier than they can learn to speak. As a matter of fact, some hearing parents teach their hearing babies how to sign to spare tears of frustration when the kids can't express what they want and need.

Learn sign language!

ASLU (American Sign Language University) has tons of resources. 

Start ASL is another source of free sign language lessons. 

Here is a page on Baby Sign Language. 

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