November 27, 2012 - Giving Tuesday

The people promoting this day say:

Giving back” can mean donating money or time to a non-profit organization. It would be especially great if you make connections with a local non-profit you can really get to know and believe in, a place where you can volunteer once a month or on some other regular schedule!

Don't forget that there are all kinds of giving. I'm glad that some people donate time and money and effort to feeding orphaned children in Africa, but I tend to spend my money on science non-profits. Here are two of my own favorites:

According to Bill Nye, the Science Guy, space exploration is vital to humankind. We not only benefit from the awesome majesty of space photography and are uplifted by the courage of our astronauts, we benefit daily and directly by discoveries and inventions made through space exploration, such as satellite technology and weather warnings and cell phones and GPS devices and ATM machines. Many of us benefit from discoveries in medicine, such as an artificial heart pump and non-surgical therapy for cataracts, that came from space exploration. We benefit from the development of special protective coatings (now used to protect the Statue of Liberty, among other things) and NASA's food safety system (now adopted by the FDA) and even art restoration technology!

The Planetary Society advocates for continuing space exploration and seeds important and innovative projects. It also promotes education.

I have donated both time and money to this center; it's awesome. Established in 1962, YSC specializes in presenting quality science, math and computer classes for students grades K -8.

Perhaps you have a science education organization near you?

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