September 28, 2012 - Save the Koala Day

Apparently, all month long it's been Save the Koala Month, and I didn't even know it! But luckily there is a special Save the Koala Day near the end of the month, so I don't feel as if I TOTALLY missed it!

Koalas aren't bears. They are marsupials, which means that, like kangaroos and opossums, they have pouches in which very young babies are protected as they drink milk and grow. They live mostly up in trees (which makes them “arboreal,” or tree-dwellers), and they eat leaves, leaves, and more leaves from the eucalyptus tree (which makes them herbivores).

Unfortunately, koalas were considered threatened by shrinking habitat—eucalyptus forests being cut down as people build more and more houses and cities—and last month the news got even worse: now koalas are considered an endangered species. It's hard to imagine that this adorable, beloved creature, important symbol of Australia (and Qantas Airline), might go extinct—but people will have to do more to protect koalas from habitat loss, dogs, disease, and even climate change, if we are to still live in a world with koalas!
Stuffed koalas have been
popular toys for years.
  • Wildlife Fun 4 Kids looks like a great resource, and it provides some great links to help you have fun on Save the Koala Day! 

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  1. Thank you so much for linking to Wildlife Fun 4 kids and highlighting Save the Koala Month. Koalas are very close to my heart. I'm off to look around your blog. It feel very warm and freindly here!

  2. Thank you for doing the great stuff you do, Penny!