August 9, 2012 - Battle of Flowers in Jersey

Oh, man! I like the old tradition even better than the new-fangled tradition!

Apparently, in the past, there was a literal battle of flowers—the people in a parade and the people watching the parade would dismantle flower-adorned floats and pelt each other with the flower ammunition! How amazing is that? doesn't happen that way anymore!

Today is a carnival held in the British Channel Island of Jersey. Musicians, dancers, majorettes, and flower floats parade down the streets. Street entertainers and funfair stalls and rides provide more fun.

A Miss Battle of Flowers is chosen to ride on one float, and for three different years (including last year), there has also been a Mr. Battle chosen for similar honors. (I don't know if there will be a Mr. Battle of Flowers for 2012.)

I don't usually see people throwing flowers,
other than the occasional bride, but this
guy has been stenciled all over walls in
Europe. I read that this piece of art is by
the famous graffiti-artist Banksy...
But the ending of the Grand Parade used to be parade participants and spectators taking apart the floats and battling with the flowers! I don't know how far roses can fly through the air, nor how hard they can hit, but I think it would've interesting to see one of these flower battles.

Instead of such a flower fight, nowadays the floats are preserved until a Moonlight Parade, which will be held tomorrow night. Festoons of lights will light up the floats, and after the parade, fireworks will light up the sky. That all sounds wonderful--but a lot more ordinary than a battle using flowers as ammunition!

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