August 3, 2012 - Watermelon Day

Today's the day to buy or harvest a watermelon or two, eat watermelon, fix fancy watermelon recipes, carve a watermelon, and hold a watermelon-seed spitting contest!

See if your market has a variety of watermelons. Seedless and seed-full? Large, medium, and teeny? Do all the watermelon have stripes, or are there any solid-green watermelons like the ones we ate when I was a kid? Are there cubical watermelons like the ones in this picture?

If you have a huge watermelon harvest in your yard, maybe you could do some experiments with smashing watermelons, or do a watermelon toss (outdoors, of course!).

Be sure to check out
the "Carvings"
section of the watermelon
website! Such fun!
Yummy watermelon recipes, creative watermelon carvings, and nutritional and historical facts—find everything you've ever wanted to know (plus more) about watermelons, here at watermelon-dot-org!
Here are some more watermelon activities, including a tile-swap puzzle. 

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