December 30, 2011 - Falling Needles Family Fest Day

If you have had a real “evergreen” tree slowly dying in your living room for almost a month, as I have, you may have noticed the soft sounds of needles falling onto your carpet and your tree skirt of fake snow. Perhaps the people who invented this wacky holiday intend celebrants to put away the ornaments and lights, carry out the dried carcass of the former tree, and vacuum.

Nothing says family festivities like un-decorating a Christmas tree, unless it's vacuuming!

Also, Happy Birthday, Rudyard Kipling!

Dig out your copies of The Jungle Book, Kim, Just So Stories, or Rikki-Tikki[Tavi, because their author is today's birthday boy.

Kipling was born on this date in 1865 in Bombay, India, when it was under British rule. His father was a sculptor and pottery designer who was a professor at an art school there. He only lived in India for the first five years of his life, however; as was the custom in British India, he was then sent to England to attend school and board with an unrelated family. He was alternately bullied and neglected; when his mother came back to England and collected him and his sister, the family finally realized (to their horror) that the children had been mistreated. Eventually, at age 16, Kipling returned to India to work on a small local newspaper.


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