September 21, 2011 - Independence Day – Belize

It used to be called “British Honduras,” and it is the only nation in Central America with a history of British colonization and with English as its official language.

Yet Guatemala has claimed some or all of Belize as its own rightful land, and many languages, including Spanish, Kriol, Maya, and Garifuna, are commonly spoken there.

Belize was granted full independence on this date in 1981.

  • Belize is pretty small (a bit smaller than Massachusetts) to host such a melting pot of cultures, but its history of conquest, colonization, slavery, and peaceful mixing has made it extremely diverse. You can get some idea of the natural beauties and cultural diversity of Belize from this tourism video

  • To learn more about the Maya, you will find lots of posts on Mr. Donn's site

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