September 13, 2011 - Librarian's Day

– Argentina
International Chocolate Day

Give chocolates to your favorite librarian in honor of these two holidays!

Librarians are celebrated on a variety of days, depending on the nation, state, and even city. Today is the special day for librarians in the South American nation of Argentina.

You probably know that librarians are trained to organize and search for information of all kinds. That means that they tend to be experts on, not just books, but also newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals; computer databases; and audio/visual materials such as records, video recordings, maps, photographs... Some librarians have specialty expertise. Genealogical librarians, for example, can help you find out information about your ancestors.

This is the information age! With home computers (let alone smart phones, which are essentially pocket computers), almost everybody is becoming expert at finding information. However, a lot of the world's knowledge and arts aren't digitized, and even the stuff that is available on the web—well, there is an overwhelming amount of it! So, whether you are floundering in a sea of information or stuck in a dry patch, where you can't seem to find ANY information—consider going to a professional information specialist for help!

And, yes, I mean your local librarian.

By the way, there are city and county libraries, school libraries, and university libraries. Some businesses and hospitals have their own libraries. If you live in the U.S., someday visit the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. What an interesting place!

For information on International Chocolate Day, and to see a photo of the world's largest chocolate bar, see last year's post.

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