January 16, 2010

National Nothing Day – U.S.

This un-event of a non-celebratory day was created in 1973 by a newspaperman named Harold Pullman Coffin. He notic
ed that manufacturers and governments had practically gobbled up the entire calendar, making every day a national day of something or other—and he wanted “to provide Americans with one national day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing, or honoring anything.”

In order to celebrate National Nothing Day, Americans do nothing. They do not create rituals and customs, they do not eat special foods, they do not promote the day, and in fact they s
houldn't even MENTION the day—because talking about it isn't nothing.


Don't anyone tell Mr. Coffin that people have been piling onto his nothing-happening day! A quick internet search tells me that today is ALSO Prohibition Remembrance Day and Religious Freedom Day in the U.S., as well as Hot and Spicy Food International Day and Appreciate A Dragon Day!

(I especially a
ppreciate that last one)!

Do Dragon Stuff!

scientists and historians suggest that one reason that so many cultures have stories about giant reptiles is because, many years ago, when people would find huge bones from dinosaurs or ice-age mammals, they didn't have an explanation for them. So they invented explanations, and thus dragons and other monsters were “born” in human imagination.

Sing “Puff, the Magic Dragon.”

Read a book about dragons.

Learn how to draw a dragon.

If you eat hot and spicy food today, maybe you can breathe fire like a dragon?

Or...you can just do nothing!

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