February 20 - Canadian Holidays!

Posted on February 20, 2017

You might already know that Canada does not have states, but instead has ten provinces and three territories. (The territories have legislatures, but they do not have as many powers or responsibilities as do the provinces.)

These various units do not celebrate all the same holidays.

  • Today Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario celebrate Family Day.

  • Today is Islander Day on Prince Edward Island.

  • And today is Louis Riel Day in Manitoba.

Here are some ways in which Canadians are celebrating:

Playing ice hockey, going skating or skiing or snowboarding, or doing some other winter sport with their families.

Going to a winter festival.

Eating beavertails and pancakes with maple syrup....And when I say "eating beavertails," I assume people mean this kind (not real tails from beaver!) ...

...not this kind (actual tails from real beaver!).

Learning about Louis Riel and / or the Métis people, who are people of mixed Indigenous (from three particular aboriginal peoples of Canada) and European ancestry. Riel was a controversial politician who represented the Métis people.

Check out the ten provinces (which cover the southernmost part of Canada) and the three territories (the sparsely inhabited northernmost part of Canada):

Here is just one gorgeous taste from each of the provinces and territories:
British Columbia




New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories

Also on this date:

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