November 10 – World Science Day for Peace and Development

Posted on November 10, 2015

Science is one of the best tools we have for making life better.

Unfortunately, humanity has used many scientific discoveries and technological inventions in ways that have made the environment worse and the world less safe. Thousands of nuclear bombs sitting around... Oil spills... Burning fossil fuels creating smog and global climate change... These are just a very few on the highlight reel of humankind's negative impact on the world.

Some people look at these grim results of science and technology and wring their hands about science itself. They blame inventions and technology rather than overpopulation, the drive to dominate land and resources, and profit-driven short-term thinking.

The cure for bad use of science isn't wringing hands and bemoaning's better, more mature use of science, and it's even more science.

The United Nations created this day to urge people to use science on behalf of peace and to come up with innovative technologies to make a sustainable future!

Here are a few resources for you to enjoy the day:

  • A Dartmouth website gives us a simple list of ideas to living a more sustainable life. (You will have to generalize some of it – since we are not all Dartmouth students!) 
  • This 12-Step list goes into more details about each suggestion for living sustainably.
  • Tree Hugger gives ideas for packing lunches sustainably. 

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