December 21 – International Dalek Remembrance Day

Posted on December 21, 2013

On this date in 1963, the general public first became aware of the alien cyborgs known as Daleks.

These horrible creatures are from Skaro, and they have somehow been enclosed in strong tanklike structures – so they're really difficult to fight. If you see them, you're in trouble, because they're more like to exterminate you than to try to make friends!

Luckily, Daleks are fictional!

These science fiction characters are part of the mega-popular, long-lasting TV show Doctor Who. The Daleks are some of the time-traveling Doctor's worst enemies!

Fans of the show, called Whovians, are not satisfied with celebrating the birthday of the show (called Dr. Who Day by some, Tardis Day by others).  They also celebrate such holidays as Impossible Astronaut Day (April 23), Black Spot Day (May 7), Bad Wolf Day (June 3), and of course International Dalek Remembrance Day!

I suspect one activity you could have fun with
is dressing up your salt and pepper shakers as
I'm not sure how we celebrate the day. I did a little research but didn't turn up too much info. I suspect it is an excuse to watch more Dr. Who. I guess you could stay busy watching episodes that feature Daleks, since there are almost 100 such episodes!

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