February 5, 2013 - Sapporo Snow Festival

I wonder if the kids of Sapporo, Japan, knew that they were starting something big when, in 1950, they built six large snowmen in the main square.

And when I say “big...”

Nowadays, millions of people come to Sapporo each year to see the snow and ice sculptures.

Each year, about 400 snow and ice sculptures are created.

Visitors can also enjoy performances on stages built out of snow, loooooooong ice and snow slides, ramps for snowboarding, and a huge maze made out of—you guessed it!—snow.

Many of the snow / ice sculptures are themselves large. Some are more than 50 feet (around 15 meters) tall and 80 feet (25 meters) wide.

So...yeah, I'd say that the Sapporo Snow Festival is pretty big!

At night, the sculptures are lit up. It sounds like something great to see...

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