July 16, 2012 - Global Hug Your Kids Day

A woman named Michelle Nichols started this holiday after suddenly losing her eight-year-old son to brain cancer. She is excited that people all over the U.S. and, recently, world, are aware of her goal—that every kid get a hug from a parent or other caregiver.

And it's not just about today. Nichols is hoping that parents and caregivers will hug their kids EVERY day.

Some people say, hey, it's not just about kids. Let's all hug each other—parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, sisters and brothers, friends!

I say, it's not just about hugs. We can try to extend kindness and love to our friends and family every day, in all sorts of ways.

You can check out Nichols's Hug Your Kids website here


Obviously, you can celebrate the day by hugging your friends and loved ones. But you can also send a hug (or two) through the mail, join author Jez Alborough's Hug Club, or make a soda hug

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  1. Thanks for letting more people know about Global Hug Your Kids Day! I've identified about 20 health impacts from hugs - and they're free! See the website or contact me @ hugs@hugyourkidsday.com . Most importantly, hugs are fast, free, and non-fattening - and they feel good!

  2. It's a fun day to celebrate!