October 30, 2011 - National Candy Corn Day

 and Haunted Refrigerator Night!

The National Confectioners Association has an entire calendar of candy-based “holidays.” Today is Candy Corn Day!!

To celebrate, you could make spiky candy corn cupcakes...Make cute table settings and room decorations with candy corn—be sure to look at all seven ideas here!...And do candy corn crafts such as making candles, wreaths, and garlands. There are even candy corn “printables” at Squidoo!
A fun candy corn activity
is putting out a clear jar full
of it and having a
guessing game to see who can
come closest to the number of
candy corn kernels!

The creative folks at Wellcat Holidays and Herbs suggest celebrating Haunted Refrigerator Night.

As they point out, in the nooks and crannies of your refrigerator--think here of the corners of the bottom shelf--evils of an unknown nature may lurk. Most of us are afraid to confront the mysterious containers and old foil-covered leftovers--but perhaps on this very special night you can gather your courage, delve deep into the refrigerator, and open those mysterious containers and foil packs.

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