March 3, 2011

Refugees from Darfur, now in Chad.
Unity Day in Sudan – But....

In the past, March 3 has been celebrated as Unity Day, a day for the people in the North and South regions of Sudan, according to some internet sources, to celebrate peace and unity with parades and cultural shows.

However, there have been decades-long civil wars between the largely Arab/Islamic north and the non-Arab/animist and Christian south, and civil war continues in Darfur, in the western part of the country, even now. Well over a million people have died in the unrest, and two million people have been driven from their homes. Peace is a nice thing to celebrate but has been unfortunately all-too-difficult to achieve.

As for unity, the southern portion of the nation has voted overwhelmingly (almost unanimously) to break off from the north, and the split is planned to take place on July 9 of this year.

I'm pretty sure that Unity Day will not be celebrated today in Sudan, or perhaps ever again.

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Here is an African puzzle that you can play at easy or hard levels. (Notice that Sudan is the largest country on the continent—but after it splits, it won't be!) 

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