August 14, 2010

World Lizard Day

Lizards are reptiles that are closely related to snakes. One of the biggest difference between most lizards and snakes is that most lizards have legs! Also, most lizards have external ears, while most snakes don't.

Like other reptiles, lizards have scaly skin, breathe air with lungs, and are cold-blooded, which means that they get their body heat from the environment rather than making their own body heat like birds and mammals.

There are lots of varieties of lizards. Many can detach their tails, leaving them behind with a predator to escape death. Some can use their coloring as camouflage, and most can see colors well and even communicate with mates and others through color. Some lizards are quite small, and some are huge—the Komodo dragon is nine and half feet long!

  • Learn more about lizards here. There is a slide show and loads of information.
  • Draw a lizard. Here's how.
  • Sculpt a lizard. Here's an idea.

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