April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Today is the day to consider the environment—in other words, EVERYTHING about Mother Earth, from the air and water, to the living plants and animals, to the resources and the microorganisms.

There is a lot to learn about what we already know about the interconnections between these living and nonliving things—and there is certainly a lot more to be discovered, as well! There are a lot of things individuals can do to make a difference in either cleaning up the environment or preventing damage to it. And we can all help manage resources by reducing, reusing, and recycling!

Here are some websites to help you celebrate the day:
  • Kaboose has articles on green crafts, green foods, and green living. There are games, lessons, quizzes, and coloring pages.
  • DLTK has a list of online jigsaw puzzles appropriate to Earth Day and a few slider puzzles as well.
  • Planet Pals has a lot of activities, clip art, and lessons.
Did you know...?

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Suggested by Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson, it resulted from efforts by people from both parties and many different walks of life to have
a giant “teach-in” about ecology and taking care of the Earth.

This famous recycling symbol is called the mobius loop. The symbol was invented by an architecture student named Gary Dean Anderson. This USC student designed the symbol for a contest that asked people to create a design that would represent paper recycling. The contest was part of that first Earth Day in 1970. Anderson's design won, but even more important, it was adopted for many different uses concerning recycling.

The mobius loops has been drawn in many different colors and many different versions. Some of them appear on this website. (NOTE: These symbols are free for the printing or cut-pasting.)

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