August 27 – Just Because Day

Posted on August 27, 2016

I totally 100% believe in being rational. Do things for a reason. Make sure the reasons are GOOD reasons – don't act out of irrational fear, but do act out of rational caution; don't attack because of unexamined pettiness, jealousy, or greed, but do stand up for yourself and others, assertively, after examining the reasons for your anger or sorrow.

Today is the day to dabble in irrationality. Of course, you still need to be sensible about buckling your seatbelt, wearing your bike helmet, and taking water on your hike – but today's the day to try stuff on a whim, just because.

"Why? I dunno..."
Make an unexpected visit or phone call.

Give a stranger a compliment.

Buy yourself a grocery store bouquet of flowers, or a carton of your favorite ice cream.

Jump in a puddle, or climb a hill, or make a mud hole to play in, or or or...

You get the idea!

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