August 24 – Knife Day

Posted on August 24, 2016

Today is not about celebrating a weapon, but rather about celebrating a tool that can be used in many ways – a tool that is just about as ancient as humanity itself!

Early humans made knives out of flint, rock, bone, and obsidian. Eventually people made metal knives. Today, most knives are made of metal – iron / steel, titanium, bronze and copper – but some are made out of ceramic. Many knives are fixed-blade, but there are also many “pocket knives,” folding knives, and Swiss Army knives.

Let's look at some of the people who use lives in their jobs:

  • chefs and cooks
  • caterers and servers
  • butchers
  • fishermen (apparently women who harvest fish are proud to be called fishermen)
  • rescue workers and EMTs
  • woodworkers / carvers / whittlers and carpenters
  • soldiers
  • crafters, and artisans
  • barbers and hair stylists
  • makeup artists
  • sculptors and ice carvers
  • paper cutting artists and other artists 
  • flooring installers
  • electricians, plumbers, and repairers
  • mechanics
  • farmers, gardeners, and landscape artists
  • divers
  • clerks, secretaries, and other business people (letter openers are also called paper knives)
  • shipping and warehouse workers
  • knife throwers (don't try that at home!)

Knives are also useful for everyday life, such as cooking and eating, and for some recreational activities, such as camping and fishing.

And some religions involve the use or wearing of traditional knives. Most famous is the Sikh religion; Sikhs must carry a traditional knife called a kirpan at all times. “At all times” apparently does not include while flying on a plane – from what I have read, Sikhs are required to put their kirpans in their checked luggage just like all other fliers who might travel with pocket knives, chef knives, or other blades.

I always love to see amazing art, so I looked up “art made with a knife.” I found some great ice sculptures, paper art pieces, and wooden carvings...

I love carvings made of wood and ice...

But what about these humble yet beautiful apple carvings?

The paper cutting art pieces I found are AMAZING!!!

And I love the gorgeous carvings made from
fruits and vegetables. Too pretty to eat!

But I also found an art installation made up of the knives themselves...

And sculptures made by a man named Gary Hovey, using forks and spoons as well as knives...

And knives that were so beautiful they were themselves pieces of art...

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