August 27 – Anniversary of Women's Revolt Day in Guinea

Posted on August 27, 2015

Once upon a time, in 1977, the President of Guinea, in Africa, created a new law

that all agricultural products (mostly food) had to be delivered to huge state-run cooperatives, which would then sell the food.

In other words, people could no longer sell the food they grew in traditional markets!

That was going to ruin many people with small farms, and all the vendors in the markets.

Many of these people who were sure to be hurt by the new law were women. And the women decided they were not going to take follow the new law!

The market women protested the law. Protest is good, and protesting unjust laws is very, very good. Unfortunately, the protest turned into a riot – and riots hurt people and possessions, which is bad! Still the protests, which spread all around the country, did end up forcing the president to change the law and to make small-scale trading (buying and selling) legal again.

According to several sources, women's organizations in Guinea hold demonstrations and marches every August 27 to remind themselves that they have power and can exert influence.

The nation of Guinea has a ton of problems, but here are a few of the beauties of the country:

Mount Nimba

Cape Verga

the Grande Mosquee, in Guinea's capital city of Conakry

Islands called Iles de Los

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