August 23 – Rescued and Rescued

Posted on August 23, 2016

On this date in 1999, two different remarkable rescues happened in very different places.

In Turkey, rescuers found a young boy who had been buried in rubble from an earthquake for almost a week. What a horrific ordeal – and what a strong boy to survive!

On the very same day, a man was rescued after getting lost in the Great Sandy Desert of Australia. He had been lost for an astounding 43 days! And he had lost about 44 pounds (20 kg) – about a pound for every day of his ordeal.

Ismail on the day he was rescued...
Ismail Cimen of Turkey was just three years old. He was scared and lonely, he later told his family, for six days without food or water after an earthquake destroyed their apartment house. But his uncle, shining a light on the rubble, saw his nephew's open eyes and raced to get rescuers. The boy survived because a corner of the room he was in stayed mostly intact.

Ismail Cimen a year after his rescue...

Bogucki when he was rescued...
Robert Bogucki was from Alaska but touring Australia. He was riding his bike across the desert when he got lost. Officials called off the search after 12 days, but Bogucki's family hired trackers and soon found evidence that he was still alive past the two-week mark.

Bogucki was actually found by a news helicopter. He was 250 miles (400 km) away from where he had started! Doctors checked him out and declared his condition remarkable after such a long ordeal. Of course, Bogucki wouldn't have survived if he hadn't found some pools of water and, at times, dug down into the soil for water. Bogucki also ate some flowers and plants.

Robert Bogucki a couple of decades later...

These real-life stories of survival make me want to thank rescuers everywhere. I have to think that the families who wouldn't give up were a piece of the rescues, as well!

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