August 11 - Global Kinetic Sand Day

Posted on August 11, 2020

The thing about today's holiday is, it's a way to sell more product!

I have never used Kinetic Sand, but it does look (as promised) very satisfying! And companies who declare a special day to sell more product are okay with me, as long as the product does what it says it does and is safe!

But I thought it would be even more satisfying to see how kinetic sand works. 

Apparently it's just ordinary sand that has been coated with silicone oil. In many cases, colored silicone oil.

Because of this coating, the grains of sand stick together - but don't stick to other surfaces (including our hands! Hooray!). 

You can form a ball with Kinetic Sand, or you can form sand castles much more easily than with normal sand - more like Play Doh instead of dirt! Of course, whatever form you mold your Kinetic Sand into isn't permanent - it will slowly flatten into a shapeless, low-lying blob over time.

You may be wonder what silicone oil is: Silicones are a group of materials that (1) contain silicon and oxygen, and (2) are polymers - which means that the molecules are made up of long strings of repeated units. You might already know that silicones are used in beauty products (cosmetics, lotions, shampoos and conditioners), in sealants, and in lubricants. 

Can you make homemade kinetic sand? Of course - check out this video!

Even if you are not going to make or buy Kinetic Sand today, you can have fun by googling videos of it or searching Instagram for it. Here is one video to get you started.

August 10 - A Treasure on the Court

Posted on August 10, 2020

Right now I'm guessing that the most popular U.S. Supreme Court Justice is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The news that she is sick is very, very unwelcome. She has been a treasure to the United States - the people, the ideals, the Constitution. 

I'm guessing she is the most popular justice because no one else has inspired so much merch! (T-shirts, mugs, jewelry, posters, etc.)

Today is the anniversary of RBG's swearing in as a justice on SCOTUS - on this date in 1993.

To celebrate this anniversary, enjoy RBG's words and wisdom:

August 9 – Book Lovers Day!

Posted on August 9, 2020

There are so so so so so many different kinds of things we can do with every leisure moment, and the things that involve screens can be pretty compelling. I'm talking about everything from streaming older TV shows to checking out the latest home-release movie, from sophisticated online games to simple puzzle apps, from social media to tablet art programs, from creating original memes to writing a blog!

And some of what lots of people like to do with screens involves reading. Like, social media is often pictures, often text, often both. People keep up with news and opinions by reading online newspapers and learn about their passions by reading material found on websites. 

And then there are books. Sometimes it can be nice to get away from screens and curl up with a three-dimensional object, turn the pages, get lost in a story... 

If you are a book lover, today's your day: a great excuse to stay away from screens!