October 10 – National Handbag Day

Posted October 10, 2016

Purses, bags, pouches, handbags, whatever you call them – they've been around since ancient times or maybe prehistoric times. As long as there has been stuff to carry around, there have been bags in which to carry it.

As you can imagine, men and women and children all have stuff to carry, and bags have been used, through the ages, by all ages and sexes. Even though, today, we generally talk about “handbags” and “purses” only for women, men carry all sorts of backpacks, briefcases, gym bags, tech bags, and messenger bags. (And, naturally, women carry bags with these names as well!) Pockets, too, are a kind of bag, a bit more akin to the sorts of purses worn under and within the folds of clothing back in the middle ages and Victorian era.

Many women carry some sort of bag at all times, when they are out, but loads of women and men and kids at least some of the time can minimize the stuff they need to just a few things inside pockets.

Here are two great things about handbags:

1) They can be a bit like a home away from home, holding so many things you might need on your outing, from keys and phone to Kleenex, Chapstick, pen, and headache tablets.

2) They can be really cool looking fashion accessories.

Here are two bad things about handbags:

1) They can twinge your back or make your posture off-center.

2) They can be realllllllly expensive.
This relatively non-spectacular handbag is 
vintage and made from crocodile. I STILL 
don't get why it would be worth 11 
THOUSAND dollars!!!

This handbag gives a message about your style to
the entire world, loud and clear. Well, maybe just loud –
I'm not sure what the message is:
“I like Star Wars”? “R2D2 is my favorite robot of all time”?
Handbags can be too heavy because of all the
stuff inside of them – this one takes things too
far by being covered by heavy stones on the outside!
I grew up when hippies were a new phenomenon,
and even though I wasn't one, I developed
my sense of style during the era of bell
bottoms and fringe. That's probably
why this sort of boho look is my favorite!
Handbags range in size from small to large to really large.

Kids' bags can be colorful and fun, but many
people worry about kids lugging around too
much weight on their backs.
Men and women can both wear jackets. 
And if men can get by with just the stuff in their 
pockets, I suppose women can, too – if they want.

Somehow, a little girl with a handbag or purse looks to many
 like someone who is pretending to be grown up.
But...kids have stuff, right? They should
be able to carry their stuff around with them...right?

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