October 27 – Happy Birthday, Jan Duursema

Posted October 27, 2016

Today is American comic book illustrator Jan Duursema's birthday. She is an artist, and she has created art for the following franchises and series:
Wonder Woman

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Hawkworld / Hawkman


Marvel comics

Star Wars

There are a lot of other series and franchises in her credit roll, as well. 

I think it is fascinating that so many illustrators have long, satisfying careers adding to the creativity and complexity of fictional universes and long-form stories. 

A lot of these people do not become super famous (I guess just famous enough to get a page on Wikipedia!), nor do they become super rich... 

But they are doing what they love, helping to create something bigger than themselves, something that can be enjoyed for years or decades to come!

And that is awesome!

Here are some Star Wars characters that Duursema is known for having created:

Kiffar Jedi Quinian Vos
Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura

Denin, Prince of Naldar, and Vila, Denin's twin sister
(pictured here with Yoda)
Wow! Apparently this happened:
Jan Duursema was the basis for the character
Ur-Sema Du! ....How would you like to be the
inspiration for a Star Wars character?

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