October 10 – World Porridge Day

Posted on October 10, 2013

Celebrate Scotland's traditional national dish!

Find out what the three bears and Goldilocks knew!

And help feed needy children in the poorest places of the world!

I never knew that there was such a thing as a World Porridge Making Contest, but there is, and it is held in a Scottish village called Carrbridge.

I never knew that there was such a charity as Mary's Meals, but there is, and it works to provide one meal a day to poor children in various nations of the world.

The town of Carrbridge and Mary's Meals have teamed up to give us this special day. Check out the official website, and consider hosting your own porridge-making contest or porridge-based breakfast, and donating the monies raised to Mary's Meals.

Did you know...
  • It costs just $10 (U.S. Dollars, around 6 pounds or 7 euros) to feed a child in Malawi tasty maize-based porridge. If you think that $10 is quite a lot of money for a bowl of porridge – that's how much it costs for a bowl of porridge every day FOR A YEAR!
  • Porridge usually means a bowl of crushed oats boiled in water, milk, or both. It is usually served hot, and it is often sweetened with sugar. Sound familiar? In the U.S., it is generally called oatmeal.
  • Porridge can be made from other grains and legumes, such as rice, wheat, barley, corn, or peasemeal. Some people even eat thick potato porridge!
  • Gruel is similar to porridge, but it is made with water only (no milk), and it is thin rather than thick. Which I guess means more water, fewer oats. No wonder “gruel” doesn't sound as yummy as “porridge.”

Here are ten recipes for porridge. What yummy-sounding breakfasts for cold mornings! 

Here is a nursery rhyme about Pease Porridge (porridge made from crushed dried peas). 

Here is a really old movie version of the Goldilocks story—in which porridge plays a crucial part! 

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