October 17 – Stone Bridge Day

Posted October 17, 2016

I decided to call today Stone Bridge Day, because it is the anniversary of an amazing artist named Michael Grab creating a beautiful stone bridge.

Michael Grab isn't mostly a bridge builder. Mostly, he is fellow who plays with gravity!

As a matter of fact, his website is called Gravity Glue

Grab is a master balancer, and when I say “balancer”...

...I mean he's crazy good at balancing rocks! 

And when I say “master”...

...I mean an insane amount of mastery –
that looks more like magic!

Grab's artwork takes an enormous amount of concentration, dedication, maybe even meditation! He has to be patient, and he has to have a high tolerance for being cold, maybe even cold-and-wet (which is a much harder kind of cold for most of us).

He has to have a really high tolerance for failure!
  • Here is a short video of how Grab builds a stone arch in moving water! 

  • And here is a wonderful rock balancing video with several sequences of failure, plus lots of slo-mo and rewind tricks. 

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