October 1 – National Lace Day

Posted October 1, 2016

Today we celebrate something most of us think of as a very fancy decoration: lace.

Lace is a kind of fabric made of yarn or thread knotted, cut, knitted, or crocheted in an open pattern that is more weblike than woven fabric.

In the olden days, linen or silk threads were used to make lace. Even threads of precious silver and gold were used in lace-making. Now cotton thread is most common, although synthetic fibers are also used. Some artists make lace with threads made of silver or copper.

There are a lot of different lace-making traditions, and there is no clear data about where and when lace was invented. It's likely that lace was invented more than once, arising out of other related needle crafts.

For sure European clothing and home décor used a lot of lace in the late 1500s. Collars and cuffs were especially common to be decorated by lace.

These days the most common places to see lace includes lingerie, formals and wedding gowns, curtains, and tablecloths.

But you might also be lucky enough to see a lacy tree decoration, lace-themed graffiti, and a bit of forest lace! 

Street artist NeSpoon is covering the world with lace!) 

Or how about a lace fence?

Lace combat boots?
Lace on the beach?

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