October 31 – National Magic Day

Posted October 31, 2016

Houdini was best known as an
escape artist.
Today marks the end of International Magic Week  and is the day that world famous magician Harry Houdini died. 

It's also Halloween, with all the tricks and magical witchcraft and fun that holiday can involve. So, naturally, it is Magic Day!

Magic is a kind of performance art in which the performer does seemingly impossible things. Some magicians seem to state that they are using “real” magic or tapping into supernatural forces, but these days especially, almost all magicians point out that they are creating illusions. As a matter of fact, many magicians don't call themselves magicians, but prefer the term illusionist.

By the way, back in the 1930s, Mrs. Houdini was asked permission to celebrate Magic Day on the anniversary of her husband's 1926 death, and she said “yes.” That makes National Magic Day even more special as an honor to the great Houdini.

Magic equals art plus science.

It's PPP: performance – personality – practice! And also preparation – props – and maybe even a few plants (stooges) in the audience.

You can learn magic online, these days, or you can buy and practice using a magic kit.

Or just learn a few fun tricks to razzle dazzle your friends. 

Or watch one of the many magic videos available online. Here's one. And here is another. 

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