October 2 – Happy Birthday, Groucho Marx

Posted October 2, 2016

Today we celebrate the original behind this novelty disguise:
Did you know that this party-store favorite is called “Groucho glasses”? The reason for calling it that is because of today's famous birthday:

Groucho Marx, an American comedian, movie star, and radio and television game show host.

You see, Marx, born in New York City on this date in 1890, was in vaudeville, which was a live variety show with a bunch of unrelated acts. And in vaudeville, he developed a recognizable appearance with glasses, cigar, and exaggerated, thick greasepaint mustache and eyebrows.

When acting as radio and TV host,
Groucho grew a real mustache and
rarely used greasepaint for the by-
then-iconic eyebrows-and-mustache.
Marx was named Julius Marx when he was born. He and his two older brothers performed together and ended up being pretty big stars in vaudeville and, later, movies. A fourth brother sometimes joined them on stage. Groucho ended up making 26 movies (13 with his brothers) and became an even bigger star when he became a TV quiz show host. You Bet Your Life debuted on radio in 1947 and TV in 1950. The major reason for the producer's choice of Groucho as host was that he was really quick-witted, able to quickly ad-lib in an unscripted role.

And I guess that is one reason the show was so popular!

  • Honor Groucho Marx today by checking out some of the Marx Brothers' comedy (here is one example, and here is another).

  • And maybe you can wear Groucho glasses -- at least long enough for a Happy Groucho Marx Day photo!

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