October 25 – Sourest Day

Posted October 25, 2016

Today is a great day to celebrate sour things.

Celebrate sour?

Lemonade is great, and limeade is great.
I do NOT recommend drinking...
pickle juice!
Sure! Most people enjoy at least sour flavors and sour ingredients and the play of sweet and sour, together. Even super sweet things like lemonade can give you that sour tang – and by adjusting how much sugar you add to lemon-juice-and-water, you can make the perennial favorite drink even tangier!

Here are some popular ways that people satisfy their tart tooth:

People squeeze lemon or lime juice onto their fish or pho or tacos as well as into their tea or cola. 

People drench their fish'n'chips with vinegar and sprinkle their salad greens with lemon juice or vinegarette dressings. 

People enjoy a dollop of sour cream on their Mexican food or Greek yogurt on their fruit. 

People work hard to achieve the sharp-sour pickling of cucumbers and cabbage (for example, pickles and sauerkraut and kimchi). 

People eat tangy rhubarb and kiwis raw as well as sweetened in desserts.

There is a huge following for sour candy, as you probably already know. Sour candies include Sourpatch Kids and Warheads.

Some people say that “Western” cuisine – especially American food – concentrates too much on salty and sweet foods. Prove them wrong today!

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