August 24, 2010

Independence Day – Ukraine

On this day in 1991, Ukraine became independent of the Soviet Union. The Act of Declaration sets out that Ukraine is a democratic state.

The Act was put up for a referendum vote by the people, and more than 90% of the votes cast approved independence.

Today Ukraine is the second largest country in Eastern Europe and is the home of pysanky, which are batiked eggs. To decorate an egg, you use a special tool called a kistka to draw designs that will remain white on the egg, then you dye the egg yellow. Next, you add more lines and designs that you want to remain yellow, and then dye the egg a medium color such as green. Continue adding waxed designs and dying in darker and darker colors (such as light blue, dark blue, and black). Finally, use the flame of a candle and a soft cloth or paper towel to remove all of the layers of wax and reveal the multi-colored egg. Gorgeous!

These decorated eggs are often considered Easter eggs, but the Ukrainians were creating these beautiful eggs before the time of Jesus.

Here is a video about pysanky.

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