June 28 - Descendants Day

(Last Sunday of June)
Posted on June 28, 2020

The Tennessee House of Representatives created this special day way back on 9/11 (September 11) 1996, and it was first celebrated on the last Sunday in June in 1997.

We are all descendants, and we all have ancestors. Which of us will have descendants? 

Many family trees start with a modern person and work their way back, branching and branching as more and more ancestors and great-great-greats are added to the tree. It becomes increasingly impossible to draw all the branches, and of course it also becomes increasingly difficult to find accurate information of ancestors who lived long ago.

Some family trees are upside-down - they start with a single person from history and work their way down, down, down, through the generations, again with many branches representing all the many descendants of that original person!

One thing we should all do on Descendants Day (and every day!) is to live as if the precious land and resources were going to be passed down to our own descendants - because they will be, hopefully for generations!

We want to hand over to our descendants
a well-cared-for planet!

By the way...

Here is a very interesting video about you and me (and everybody!) being a descendant of royalty!

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