June 7 - Journalist Day in Argentina

Posted on June 7, 2020

They're the ones dedicated to getting the story, investigating claims, publishing the truth. They're the ones that citizens living in a democracy count on to stay informed so that they can make good decisions at the ballot box:


By definition, a journalist is someone who writes for a newspaper or magazine or news website. 

Of course, this definition doesn't guarantee any of that important stuff in the first paragraph: investigative, dedicated, truthful. 

Turns out, lots of "journalists" write drivel or propaganda and pretend that it's factual reporting. 

On this date in 1810, the newly founded Gazeta de Buenos Ayres became available to the public - the first newspaper created in Argentina after that Spanish colony's May Revolution. To commemorate this newspaper, June 7 is Journalist Day. Of course Argentinians are celebrating the best of journalists - the writers who dig out and print the truth!

Mariano Moreno was one of the founders
and editors of the Gazeta de Buenos-Ayres.

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