June 3 - Wonder Woman Day

Posted on June 3, 2020

If this were an ordinary year, there might be comic book shops offering special Wonder Women comic books today - or giving out freebies, even! But such fun events are generally on hold because of the global pandemic.

Wonder Woman Day can still be a thing in our home and hearts, though! Here's how to celebrate safely:

Download the Wonder Woman Day kit for coloring and puzzles. 

Watch Wonder Woman movies and TV shows on YouTube or other streaming services. You can watch the awesome 2017 movie on Amazon Prime, the 1975 series on DCUniverse, and a trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 on YouTube

The new Wonder Woman movie was originally scheduled to come out in just a few days, but (probably because of COVID-19) was postponed until August - and we'll have to see if it can be seen safely in theaters or not!

You could celebrate by ordering WW comic books, reading ones you already own, or reading online (DCUniverse offers a free trial).

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