June 9 - Toy Industry Day

Posted on June 9, 2020

Hooray for toys!

During these crazy and difficult times, everyone needs to rest their brains, release the stress, generate some laughs, play!

I couldn't spot a reason why June 9 is Toy Industry Day, or whether anyone is doing Toy Industry Day types of stuff, but I figure we can make our own fun by playing with...what else? Toys!

My favorite toy right now is the endless creativity and flexibility of LEGO. 

I have been building LEGO castles - but none
as cool as this!

With the little kids in my life, I have been enjoying really old Fisher Price and semi-old Playmobile and recent V-Tech toys.
We have a 1980s Fisher Price zoo (above)
and a 1990s Playmobile island (below).

Our V-Tech road twists and turns around, with a car repair shop, fire station,
parking garage, and more destinations to choose from.

Not to mention balls and balloons, water and mud, trampolines, blanket forts, and other perennial favorites!

This summer, I want to try water balloons on the trampoline!

What are your favorite toys?

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