June 16 - Father's Day in Seychelles

Posted on June 16, 2020

Father's Day is coming soon for most of the world, on the third Sunday of June - and by "most of the world," I mean around 90 nations all around the world, including Argentina, the United States, France, Ethiopia, and Japan.

But some Southern Hemisphere nations celebrate Father's Day in September (so, spring rather than winter!), some nations celebrate it on the first, second, or last Sunday in June, and quite a few nations choose to celebrate it on the same date each year (rather than a certain Sunday of a certain month).

The African island nation of Seychelles is one of the latter, and its Dad Day is always on June 16. 

(Actually, I saw mention in one source that many nations are starting to follow the most common worldwide holiday of holding Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, and the article implied but didn't actually state that Seychelles is going in that direction. So who knows?)

Father's Day is not a public holiday in the Seychelles, so it's likely that most fathers who have jobs will be working on their "special day"; still, I imagine that kids can share a special breakfast or dinner with dear-ole'-dad, or shower him with kisses, cards, or gifts!

Take a peek at some of the beauties the Seychelles have to offer:

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