June 6 - Sweden's Flag Day

Posted on June 6, 2020

It's hard to be sure of these dates, because sources available to my internet searches don't totally agree, but it looks like today's date, June 6, is very important in Swedish history.

Gustav Vasa was elected king of Sweden on June 6, 1523.

Sweden adopted a new constitution on June 6, 1809. 

And Sweden and Norway broke their union on June 6, 1905. Because of that break, each nation needed its own flag.

That's why June 6 is Sweden's National Day and also its Flag Day.

In addition to being a very cool country (and parts of Sweden are downright arctic! - notice the Arctic circle marked on this map), Sweden is beautiful as well:

Hotels in Sweden can be A-MAZ-ING! Like the famous Ice Hotels:

And the fun and gorgeous TreeHotel, which includes the funky UFO unit and the amazing Mirrorcube!!

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