June 8 - Ghostbusters Day

 Posted June 8, 2020

The very first day that the public could become GhostHeads (that is, fans of all things Ghostbusters) was June 8, 1984. 

Psychokinetic Energy!


Proton packs with induction nozzles to create ghost-harnessing proton streams!

Twinkie analogies!

The world was introduced to all of these things with the original Ghostbusters movie. Since 6/8/1984 there have been comic books, video games, TV series, theme park attractions, costumes, other assorted merch - and of course more movies!

The original movie alone grossed almost 300 million US dollars! It also appears on some great lists like "Top 100 Comedies of All Time."

Celebrate today in the obvious way: watch or play or read Ghostbusters stuff! 

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