December 29 - Happy Birthday, Elizabeth of Russia

Posted on December 29, 2016

She was one of the more popular of Russian rulers. 

Elizabeth, Empress of Russia, was popular partly because she decided to never execute even a single person during her reign, partly because she stood up to an enemy (Prussia), perhaps partly because she encouraged education and culture — the founding of the University of Moscow and the Imperial Academy of Arts, for example, and the building of the Winter Palace and Smolny Cathedral.

Saint Petersburg is the red dot in the northwest "corner"
of Russia!
 Born on this date in 1709, Elizabeth ruled during the time that Saint Petersburg was the capital. It was far from a central city in the huge empire (now nation) — but it is was a center for trade (it’s a port city!) and culture. Even now, the historic center of Saint Petersburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Imperial Academy of Arts, Smolny Cathedral, and the Winter Palace still draw crowds!

Above and next two, below,
the Imperial Academy of Arts.

Above and next two below,
Smolny Cathedral.

Above and next three below,
Winter Palace.
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