December 29, 2011 - Tick Tock Day

Only two days left in the year! This “holiday” has been declared to remind you to GET THINGS DONE! Maybe the things you wanted to accomplish in 2011 can still be ticked off your list before the clock tocks "2012"!

Also on this date:

Happy Birthday, Joaquin de Acosta!

This Colombian explorer and scientist was born on this day in 1800. He did a scientific survey of his country, studying its topography, its natural history, and traces of its aboriginal inhabitants.


Pico Cristóbal Colón,
the highest mountain of Colombia
Topography is the study of the Earth's surface features – the shapes and elevations of mountains and valleys and so forth.

Natural history is the study of the plants and animals native to a place (in other words, not the ones people brought from somewhere else, but the plants and animals that naturally grew in an area).

A crab-eating fox

The "Lost City"
Aboriginal inhabitants means people who have lived in an area from the earliest times that people lived in that place. You can see the word “original” inside the word “aboriginal.” The “original” inhabitants of the U.S. were the Native Americans, also known as Indians.


...this short video that shows some of the topography, animals and plants, and traces of aboriginal inhabitants of Colombia. 

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