December 24 – National Eggnog Day

Posted on December 24, 2016

Do you like eggnog?

Have you ever tried eggnog? Milk and cream and beaten eggs, along with sugar and spices! Yum! 

Here and here are some recipes for eggnog. Warning: some eggs are at risk for salmonella poisoning if eaten raw. Check to be sure that your eggs will not put you at risk.

Did you know...?

Another name for eggnog is egg milk punch

If you heard that about 131 MILLION pounds of eggnog are sold per year, would you guess that all of that eggnog is sold from October to December? The rest of the year, no eggnog graces the store shelves. If you want it in, say, April, you have to make the eggnog yourself!

Some people add alcohol to eggnog, and the "nog" part of the name probably reflects that. 

We aren't sure who invented eggnog, when. England during the Middle Ages is one guess...

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