December 26 – Independence and Unity Day in Slovenia

Posted on December 26, 2016

I have already written about Slovenia's Statehood Day, which falls in June. That holiday celebrates the declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Half a year later, it's time for another celebration of independence from Yugoslavia, this one on this date in 1990.

What's the difference between the two holidays? Well that you should ask. It turns out that Slovenia's independence was acquired through a lot of different steps:

Step 1- A group of people demanded Slovene independence in a magazine. 
Step 2- Mass demonstrations erupted and caused the communist government to make some democratic reforms. 
Step 3- Constitutional amendments were passed. 
Step 4- Defenses against the Yugoslavian military were established. 
Step 5- The Slovenian Assembly changed the name of the country. 
Step 6- Democratic elections were held, and a referendum on whether or not to create an independent Slovenia was passed by more than 88% of the voters. 
Step 7- A formal announcement of the results was made.
Step 8- The assembly created the necessary legal documents to achieve independence. 
Step 9- The Yugoslav government did not accept the documents, and there was a 10-day war. 
Step 10- An agreement was signed that stopped the hostilities. 
Step 11- A bit later, the last of the Yugoslav Army left.

And THAT's when Slovenia was well-and-truly independent. The entire process took almost four years--but only 10 days of war. That's pretty groovy!

The two holidays celebrate Step 7 (today's holiday) and Step 8 (June 25).

What's special about Slovenia?

It's got hundreds of brown bears and more than 10,000 caves.

It's got great mountains - and thousands of miles of marked trails - and 165 mountain huts and shelters for hikers and mountain bikers - and what is billed as the world's largest ski jump!

It's got one of Europe's oldest national parks.

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