December 9 – Musical Comings and Goings and an Unexpected New Offering!

Posted on December 9, 2016

Meet the Supremes!

Say goodbye to the Jackson Five!

A new Beatles song – after a quarter century of nada, nil, zip, zilch???

Everyday, history is being made all over the world. Here in Every Day Is Special, I talk about plenty of political history (national days, for example) and way too much military history (I'm sad that there are so many wars, so much military history lying about!). I love to talk about the history of science and innovation, and of course I also love to shine a light on historical gains in human rights!

But there are also really specific types of history – the history of the Olympics, for example, art history, the history of sci-fi, music history.

The latter is what I'm hitting today:

  • On this date in 1963, the first album of The Supremes was released. It was called Meet the Supremes.

  • On this date in 1968, the Supremes and the Temptations had a special on NBC-TV: TCB Takin' Care of Business.

  • On this date in 1984, the Jacksons played their last show together in Los Angeles, California.

  • On this date in 1992, Bill Wyman left the Rolling Stones. He'd been in the group for more than 30 years!!

  • On this date in 1995, a documentary on the Beatles aired. It included the song “Free as a Bird,” which had never before been released. So that made it the Beatles' first new song in 25 years (for the simple reason that the Beatles broke up 25 years earlier!!). This song was created by Paul, George, and Ringo based on John's 1977 demo; it reached Number 2 on the UK charts and peaked at Number 5 on the US charts.

Here are some videos; enjoy these historical musical greats:


A huge hit for the Supremes was “Stop in the Name of Love.” 

I only knew the name of one of the Supremes: Diana Ross. But there were actually a lot of women who sang in the band called The Supremes. Check it out! 

I never met the Supremes' songs from their first album (hey, I was pretty young!) – but here is one of the songs from that first record. 

Here is the special TCB


This video offering has clips from the EVEN younger Jackson 5, plus a performance from the Jackson 5 in 1983, very close to that last-ever-performance-together. 

One of the Jackson Five's huge hits was “ABC.” 


One of my favorite Rolling Stones hits is “RubyTuesday (Bill Wyman plays on the cello and bass). 

Another Stones great is “Paint It Black.” (Wyman is on the bass.) 


Enjoy the Beatles in “Free as a Bird.” 

This showing of a huge Beatles hit was my very first time a song ever REALLY got to me – I was nine years old, and suddenly I was INTO MUSIC! (All caps!) 

(By the way, I was so not into screaming. I was embarrassed of how so many girls acted about the Beatles.)

In those early days, I also loved a Beatles song that wasn't written by the Beatles (“Twist & Shout”), “A Day in the Life,” and  “A Hard Day's Night.” 

Honestly, there are too many great Beatles songs to even talk about “favorites”!

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