December 18 – New Jersey Joins the Union

Posted on December 18, 2016

I have to admit that I only think of New Jersey in conjunction with New York City. 

It's a source of relatively inexpensive hotel rooms within easy reach of the “Big Apple” - and it's a place from which to boat over to the Statue of Liberty.

But this state – third to join the Union, in 1787, and third wealthiest per capita in the U.S. – is a lot more than a portal to NYC. For one thing, there is Atlantic City, famous for its casinos, its beach, and its iconic boardwalk.

For another thing, there is the highly respected Princeton University.

I think that the Grounds for Sculpture looks really interesting!

  Some of the sculptures are meant to call to mind famous photos:

The sculpture above is designed to bring to mind Monet's painting, below.

I think I would be walking through the Grounds thinking,
"Is that a sculpture? Is that a sculpture?"

And then, of course, there is natural beauty....

...the Appalachian Trail...

...Great Falls in Paterson...

...Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area...

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International Migrants Day

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