December 11 – Indiana Celebrates!

Posted on December 11, 2016

Another day, another statehood anniversary. Yesterday we celebrated U.S. Sate #20, a Southern state, Mississippi, with its 12/10/1817 statehood date. Today we celebrate U.S. State #19, a northern state, Indiana, which became a state on 12/11/1816.

Indiana and its capital city, Indianapolis, got their names from “Indian Land.” The state bills itself as “Lincoln's Boyhood Home,” and residents proudly call themselves Hoosiers, even though that term probably originally meant (roughly) country bumpkin.

Indiana is famous for...

  • the Indy 500

  • farming! - Indiana's part of the Corn Belt and the Grain Belt

  • Santa Claus, Indiana, which has the world's oldest Santa statue, a Santa's Castle candy store, and a Santa Claus Museum

It is probably not all that famous for these oddities...but they're fun:

  • Bill Larkin filled his yard with thousands of hand-painted birdhouses.

  • Mike Carmichael painted a baseball, added another layer of paint, and another and another...and now he has a really large ball of (dried) paint – the world's largest!

  • John Ivers built a roller coaster in his backyard!

Of course, like all states, Indiana also has lovely forests and waterfalls and other natural sights!

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